There has been a growing interest in the use of cannabis for various ailments in the last few years. One of the applications of medical marijuana is pain management. Already, 85% of the legal use of cannabinoids is to relieve pain.

Before you request products from a marijuana dispensary, here are a few facts on cannabis and pain relief.

An Alternative to Chronic Pain Medication

Most patients who opt for medical cannabis cite severe pain as the reason for seeking cannabinoid alternatives. Other studies also indicate that a significant proportion of those patients are substituting opiates with cannabis.

The findings come at a time researchers have been trying to find a safe and cost-effective remedy for chronic pain. In the past, the main focus was on THC, the psychoactive agent of the plant. But it is recently that marijuana dispensary outlets have turned their attention to CBD.

Cannabinoids and the Role of CBD in Pain Management

Your body’s endocannabinoid system can stimulate cannabinoid receptors. Alternatively, the introduction of cannabinoids molecules from outside the body can activate those receptors more intensely.

There are different types of chemicals in a marijuana plant, each with its unique properties. The latest cannabis research aims to find an ideal mix of cannabinoids to alleviate varying pain conditions.

For example, psychoactive compounds can limit the application of cannabis to treat pain and other ailments. Some of the adverse effects of THC include anxiety, cognitive challenges, and dependency. Researchers intend to take advantage of CBD and also limit the influence of specific molecules.

Treatment of Different Pain Conditions

Research findings indicate cannabinoids are effective in dealing with both inflammation and pain. That is beneficial since medication to address inflammation is often fraught with challenges. Synthetic compounds tend to have side effects such as gastral irritation, worsening asthma symptoms, skin rashes, and renal failure.

In an animal study, CBD, the principal non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, was adequate for managing arthritis pain and inflammation. Additionally, scientists believe that CBD can encourage pain relief through its anti-inflammatory effects.

Cannabis Delivery and Consumption

There are several ways patients can use cannabis from their local marijuana dispensary to relieve pain. Smokeless methods, such as taking oil, pills, and vapes, are preferred for their multiple benefits. For fast relief, the best option is inhalation.

For lasting effects, the best choice is either oils, edibles, and oral solutions. You may also find formulations with similar properties but without the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Benefits of Topical Remedies

Topicals are formulations of cannabis in the form of patches, balms, or ointment. You can apply the solution directly to the area with inflammation.

Using patches allow for the slow release of cannabinoid compounds. The other benefit is that it has little to no side effects. Additionally, removing the topical remedy alleviates any side effects present.

Studies on the use of cannabis for pain relief are still ongoing. For more information about which types of marijuana strains and CBD products may work best for your pain or topical needs, contact your local marjuana dispensary at Sonoma Patient Group today.