Where once marijuana was considered something of a taboo, it’s now becoming much more mainstream. Part of this is because recreational marijuana usage is being more readily legalized across the nation. States like Virginia, for example, are pushing forward with recreational marijuana legalization; while it was one thing for medical marijuana to be legalized, the legalization of recreational usage is another matter entirely.

By 2022, it’s expected that marijuana retail sales will increase substantially. This will amount to $7.3 billion, up from 2020’s total of $6.1 billion. So, how can cannabis industry trends and this market potentially benefit you?

The Normalization of Cannabis Products

Cannabis products, not just marijuana products, are becoming much more normal and less stigmatized amongst Americans. if you want to get into the cannabis industry, you don’t even necessarily have to sell marijuana products. CBD products, which are typically not psychoactive, have been popular for quite some time among consumers. Used often to deal with anxiety through everything from tinctures to skincare to makeup, CBD products can even be found in Whole Foods. Additionally, many states that still have not legalized recreational marijuana usage still allow the sale of delta 8, a psychoactive, but less potent, cannabis product.

Incorporating Cannabis Into a Variety of Products

Cannabis industry trends have sparked the usage of cannabis products in a wide variety of products that can be incorporated into many different businesses. Hemp can be used to create clothing. Marijuana, CBD, and delta 8 can all be incorporated into edible products. While both marijuana and delta 8 can also be smoked in the traditional sense, the growing vape industry has also made it easy for consumers to use these products without smoking. The more product types these substances are available in, the easier it is to get in on the action and make some money yourself.

Joining the Industry

While there is a lot of money to be had in the industry, you must be careful about the legalities surrounding these products. Keep an eye on the laws in your state; they could be changing rapidly. Additionally, you should only work with accredited, responsible suppliers when working within the cannabis industry.

There are many benefits to parking in cannabis industry trends. Don’t hesitate to start exploring how cannabis products can benefit you personally and professionally. Contact Sonoma Patient Group to learn more.