Marijuana use has become increasingly popular across the United States with 11 states having so far legalized use. In California, medical marijuana use was first approved in 1996, with recreational use following suit 20 years later in 2016. Only two years after this recreational approval, in 2018, California saw a total of $2.757 billion in cannabis and cannabis-infused product revenue sale, both from medical and recreational sources, and these numbers continued to steadily rise.

If you’re new to recreational or medical marijuana use and are curious about the benefits or where to begin, edibles and other smokeless options are a good place for beginners to start. Cannabis dispensaries often have a large selection of edibles and extracts to choose from, with edibles being available in candies, drinks, brownies, cookies, and other delicious options. You can ask your local cannabis dispensary about what options they carry, and in some cases, they may even offer medical cannabis delivery straight to your home. Some dispensaries may even offer cannabis delivery services for recreational use.

How Do Edibles Work?

Many people chose to use edibles either because they cannot or prefer not to smoke cannabis. This makes them especially popular with people who are sensitive to smoke. Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand how edibles work when compared to their smoked counterpart. As opposed to being inhaled and absorbed via the lungs, the cannabis is instead digested and absorbed in the intestines.

For those who have never used edibles before, dispensaries will often advise beginning with edibles that contain a lower dose of cannabinoids — around 10 to 15mg — to see how they affect you. Once you’ve started to learn how you react to specific dosages, you can begin to determine what works best for you. You can also experiment with which types of edibles you enjoy most. If you’re using edibles for a medical condition and your dispensary offers medical cannabis delivery, consider having a new type delivered every time you order just to see how you like it. You never know what type may become your new favorite!

The Benefits of Edibles

The use of edibles can come with some surprising benefits, and they can be used to relieve a variety of issues. From anxiety and sleep problems to chronic pain and muscle spasms, here’s a closer look at a few of the most significant benefits that have been reported.

  • Anxiety Management and Relaxation
    Probably the most well-known use of marijuana products is their ability to promote relaxation and ease anxiety. Cannabidiol — CBD — has been well documented for its anti-anxiety effects, and millions of Americans are now using it for this exact reason. Additionally, individuals struggling with sleep-related issues have begun using edibles before bed to help promote relaxation and relieve sleepless nights.
  • Managing Pain
    In addition to helping promote relaxation and ease anxiety, CBD has also been noted to help with pain management. As an anti-inflammatory, recent studies have shown that patients struggling with chronic pain have seen improvement while using consumables. The most common issues treated with marijuana now include fibromyalgia, arthritis, and neuropathic pain.
  • Anti-Seizure Effects and Autism
    Along with helping with pain and anxiety, CBD has also been documented to have anti-seizure effects, along with helping relax those struggling with severe autism, especially in cases where individuals demonstrate self-harming behaviors. In cases like these, medical cannabis delivery is an option to consider to ensure you can get what you need safely.

Edibles are a great option for those looking for a smokeless way to reap the benefits of marijuana. If you’re curious about receiving products, reach out to your local dispensary and ask about the types they carry. If you’re a medical cardholder, you should also ask about medical cannabis delivery to make it even easy to get what you need!