Did you know that by 2030, Wall Street Analysts forecast that the cannabis industry will grow to be an 80 billion dollar business? This increase reflects the expanding and continued legalization of cannabis products across the country. Because of the pandemic, marijuana dispensaries have become an invaluable source for the purchase of cannabis products, especially in states like California. If you are located in Sonoma County, search “dispensary near me Santa Rosa” to learn more about the superior products offered by Sonoma Patient Group (SPG) since 2004. Keep reading to learn more about SPG’s products and services.

Shop Local

Many of the products offered are local, guaranteeing the highest quality available. Not only are you ensured the best possible edibles, tinctures, accessories, and more through this Sonoma County Dispensary, you can also order online using their cannabis delivery services where delivery is free over a certain amount. Stay local by either visiting in-person, or taking advantage of the top-notch delivery services.

Great Selection

Want to learn more about the great products available through SPG? Simply search “dispensary near me Santa Rosa” to visit the company website. Looking for tinctures or concentrates? SPG has plenty of options. Interested in topical applications? This Santa Rosa dispensary has got you covered with anything from oils to lotions. Edging into edibles? SPG can help. From beverages to cookies, chews, chocolates, and gummies, this cannabis dispensary has the variety of products you are looking for.

The Rules

Although cannabis is now legal for recreational use in California, there are still rules that apply when enjoying these products legally. Some helpful tips are: you must be 21 years or older to purchase, use, or possess any type of cannabis, you cannot consume cannabis in any way (including smoking, eating, or vaping) in public, and you can only purchase cannabis products from a state-licensed establishment. The best way to follow the rules is to choose an experienced dispensary for all of your cannabis needs.

Once you decide to enter into the world of legal cannabis products, it may be difficult to find the best dispensary for your needs. This is why it is so important to be aware of all of the laws regarding cannabis use and to choose a cannabis dispensary with the best local products and selection, including delivery options. Sonoma Patient Group offers all of the above with their great product selection and cannabis delivery services. Simply search “dispensary near me Santa Rosa” and you will see why this company is the best local option for cannabis delivery services.