If you’ve never been to a marijuana dispensary, it can be an overwhelming experience. Products that were once forbidden are now sold publicly to whoever wants them. Marijuana products go much farther than just packing a bowl. So if you’re interested in visiting marijuana dispensaries, but aren’t sure what to buy, here are some products you need to try.

Vape Pen

Using a vaporizer is a great way to get the effects of marijuana without the smoke. Sales of vape pens decreased significantly through 2019 and 2020, possibly because of the COVID virus and its effects on the respiratory system. However, if you prefer to inhale your THC, a vape pen is a solid alternative to joints.

Pre Rolls

If you want to smoke a joint without the work of rolling it, dispensaries also sell pre-rolls. One of the biggest benefits of getting pre-rolled joints is that you don’t have to worry about measuring your own dosage. In addition, there’s no mess in your home if you’re inexperienced.


Sales of edibles went up during 2019 and 2020, with consumers trying many different infused products. Chocolate is a classic edible and a great one for newcomers and regular users alike. It is simple, yet can come in many different flavors. Plus, many come in easily separated bricks to make measuring dosage easier.


Infused teas are another way to drink your marijuana. This is popular for chronic pain patients, who get longer relief from sipping the hot drink over a little bit of time. So if you’re looking for something that’s a little more mellow than the other options, you should look into teas. This is also an excellent option for colder weather.

Bath Salts

You don’t necessarily need to consume marijuana through your digestive system or lungs in order to feel its effects. Infused bath salts can reduce pain and help you relax as you soak in a hot bath. This product is excellent for relieving muscle aches and pains that result from exercise, long work hours, or even chronic pain.

You can use marijuana in many different ways. And no matter how you do it, marijuana dispensaries carry products for you. So go check out your local shop and pick up something new to try!