Chronic pain is one of the most common conditions many Americans face. A report from the CDC in 2016 showed that 20.4% of adults in the US suffered from chronic pain. It’s also noted that chronic pain management amounts to over $500 billion per year in medical fees.

Opioids are strong pain medication, and patients with cancer and sometimes certain forms of degenerative conditions take this to manage pain. But in many cases, people are leaning towards a healthier, more organic way to treat pain without resorting to strong painkillers. One of these solutions is cannabis.

How cannabis can help to manage pain?

The legalization of cannabis has paved the way for a more organic approach to pain management. Today, 85% of legal cannabis consumption is used for the treatment of pain. Although cannabis edibles are available at a cannabis dispensary, state regulations may vary from one to the next.

It is also advised that you work with your medical practitioner before you begin using marijuana for pain.

The bud of the cannabis tree contains THC and CBD, which help with pain reduction because they are potent anti-inflammatories. THC and CBD can work through the nervous system and reduce the activation of pain receptors on a cellular level.

While your body feels the high as influenced by THC, CBD can also tackle pain without this high. Together, they balance the pain management components. While feeling good, the brain and sensory receptors are “dulled” and not as focused on the pain, but rather the “feel good.”

What other THC and CBD products are there?

At your local cannabis dispensary, you’ll probably find an array of edibles, CBD oil, and products that can be used topically. There might even be smokable produce as some patients prefer inhalation via smoking the bud or flower of the tree.

Where do cannabis dispensary products come from?

There are many regions that grow marijuana trees. But there are also specialized growers that grow marijuana products for medicinal use. Sometimes these products can be imported from other countries, but are more often produced locally.

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