With more states legalizing the use of marijuana for individuals over the age of 21, cannabis delivery has become a popular option. In fact, according to Eaze, in the month following the declaration of a national emergency in March 2020, new delivery customer sign-ups increased by about 60%. The State of the Cannabis Industry also found that stores with an order-ahead option sold 22% more on average compared to stores without it.

So, how can you get cannabis delivered straight to your door? Keep reading to learn more.

Find an Online Store That Offers Delivery and Read the Fine Print

The first thing you need to do is find an online store that offers cannabis delivery. You can do this with a simple Google search. As you look at online stores, be sure to read the fine print. You may need to buy a certain amount of product in order to obtain the delivery option. For other stores, you may need to be a certain distance away or be located in a particular state or region for the cannabis delivery option to be accessible to you.

Choose Products With Filters

To find the products you’d like, utilize online store filter options. Many stores will offer filters based on price and cannabis strains. You can also consult with your doctor and/or the dispensary to find out what cannabis products fit your needs.

Sign Up for Loyalty Rewards

Many cannabis delivery services have loyalty programs that can offer you discounts on products and delivery fees. If you like the products you see on a dispensary’s website, it’s a good call to sign up so you can reap the rewards right away. Over time, you’ll save money!

Responsibly Enjoy Your Delivered Product

Once you purchase products from a cannabis dispensary, they’ll be out for delivery straight away. The online store will provide you with an email confirmation and oftentimes a tracking number so you can see when your products are on their way to your home. Once delivered, you can responsibility enjoy your products.

Cannabis delivery is an excellent option for individuals who would rather shop online than in person. As one of the top marijuana dispensaries in Santa Rosa, CA, Sonoma Patient Group offers a wide variety of cannabis products. Check out our online store today!