Did you know that up to 85% of the consumption of legal cannabis is for pain treatment? Pain is one of the top reasons to use medical cannabis. Once you’ve seen your physician and they have agreed that medical cannabis would benefit you it’s time to embark on the discovery of using medical cannabis to feel better. Laws are quickly changing and it is possible to purchase cannabis for medical and recreational use in some areas. Santa Rosa, California happens to be one of those areas with medical cannabis dispensaries that offer cannabis delivery.

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Are Safe

Medical cannabis dispensaries are regulated and safe establishments that supply cannabis for medical and recreational use along with providing everything you require to use it. Many medical cannabis dispensaries offer a compassionate and educational option for people that prefer using alternatives to pain medication that may have negative side-effects. Top cannabis dispensaries have a caring approach that has set a high standard within the community of cannabis dispensaries.

Know What to Expect From Today’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Today, you can expect marijuana dispensaries to be comfortable and clean. The overall goal is to assist you in getting the best cannabis that fits your medical needs. Of course, marijuana strains will differ from dispensary to dispensary. What you can depend on is finding a large variety of high-quality cannabis concentrates, flowers, edibles, and topical salves. Get to know the budtenders well. They have extensive knowledge and will become your greatest asset when it comes to learning more about available cannabis.

Budtenders can decipher the percentages of test results for CBD, THC, and other active compounds as well as share their insights so you can better determine which buds are right for you. Budtenders are your connection to your favorite marijuana dispensary and can also give you more information concerning how the cannabis you want to purchase is grown as well as keeping you updated on the latest news within the marijuana industry.

Use These Tips Before Visiting Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

It is important that you understand what you need to take with you when visiting a dispensary. First and foremost, you need a valid, state-issued ID or an approved U.S. or foreign government ID or passport. It helps if you already have a state medical marijuana ID card as well as a current, valid physician’s recommendation. Both will keep you exempt from paying the sales tax at a California dispensary. Plan to register yourself with the dispensary for legal and regulatory purposes, too.

Most patients need to be 18 years of age. However, there are exceptions regarding minors that are dealing with debilitating conditions so be sure to check with your physician.

What Types of Cannabis Products Can a Dispensary Offer?

Talk to your local budtenders to learn more about your dispensary’s current cannabis selections and all types of cannabis products along with an option for delivery for future orders. Expect to find products such as oils, kief, and edibles. You may even find lozenges and gums since both are becoming popular edible choices. If you’re a non-smoker, you may enjoy infused salves and tonics. No matter what type of cannabis products you choose to try, you will receive the best advocacy for care-giving, individual care, and education.