It’s no surprise that the cannabis industry is growing, especially in California and other states where it is recreationally legalized. Cannabis industry trends continue to change as regulations, competition, and laws consistently adapt.

Cannabis Usage Statistics

Cannabis usage continues to increase as more and more people become aware of the benefits of it. Out of the 300+ million people in America, 12% of Americans claimed to use cannabis products. This number has grown substantially from previous years’ statistics. It is likely that we see an increase in these numbers as more people become interested in the health benefits or simply want to see how it makes them feel through experimentation. If sales keep heading in this direction, marijuana retail sales are expected to grow to 7.3 billion by 2022.

Cannabis industry trends continue to point towards a younger demographic, as surveys show that the average person claimed to use marijuana as soon as 18 years old. Additionally, it’s about even in which men and women use cannabis products.

Recreational Dispensary Trends

In places like Santa Rosa, dispensaries are continuously doing very well there. It could be the warm weather or the California vibes, but California is known to have some of the highest dispensary sales out of most of the legalized states. Cannabis dispensaries, which operate like any other retail store, can bring in a lot of revenue. A marijuana dispensary in santa rosa, in particular, claimed over $20 million in revenue last year.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Trends

A medical marijuana dispensary differs from a recreational dispensary for a few reasons. One reason is that medical marijuana dispensaries require an issued medical marijuana card. This comes from a licensed professional. Another reason is that the actual makeup of the cannabis is different. Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana have some different characteristics.

Medical cannabis industry trends show that they are also increasing, as doctors are becoming less frugal with using marijuana to treat medical conditions. However, since marijuana is recreationally legalized in many states, like California, it’s not always necessary to use a medical marijuana card.

Delivery Services

Another cannabis industry trend worth noting is the increase in online cannabis sales. Specifically, since the pandemic, as dispensaries are offering services such as curbside deliveries. Marijuana delivery services are popular right now, and are likely to keep generating positive sales for dispensaries.

Cannabis industry trends are changing as more dispensary’s across the country open up. As sales from legalized marijuana continue to increase, it is likely that even more dispensaries and marijuana delivery services will open up.