Wall Street analysts project that the cannabis industry will grow to a whopping $80 billion in 2030. With the current cannabis trends, it is not a wonder. While medical cannabis use has been legal since 1996, California voters passed the Marijuana Act on the 8th day of November 2016. This law allows the recreational use of marijuana by adult users over 21 years of age. Additionally, it permits imposing sales and cultivation taxes upon the legalization of growing, possession, consumption, and sale.

The concept of legalization got so many residents excited because they can get all marijuana products from dispensaries. To enjoy a well-curated edible or joint, you better adhere to the set rules and principles. Next, you should ensure you get all cannabis products from licensed marijuana dispensaries.

So, what should you know before your first dispensary visit?

Plan Your Visit

The first step towards having an enjoyable first-time cannabis dispensary visit is planning ahead. It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t do this.

Be sure you know which dispensary(s) you want to visit, when they’re open, where the dispensary is located (Google Maps or their website will provide everything you need), and finally, what types of marijuana products they offer. You may also want to check out their menus online in advance to get an idea of what strains are available. If possible, taking your time to do a little bit of research ahead of time can make all the difference in how relaxed and informed you feel during your first visit.

You Must Be 21 Years or Older

Cannabis activists patterned their pitch like the alcohol trade. Therefore, you have to be at least twenty-one to grow, purchase, sell, possess, or consume cannabis. All the eighteen states that have legalized the use of marijuana have an age limit of 21 for all users, whether medical or recreational.

Carry your driver’s license with you as it is likely that the security or budtender will need to see some I.D. as the laws are strict and trying to talk your way out of showing valid identification won’t work.

Payment Methods

Even though a large number of dispensaries only accept cash payments, others allow credit cards too. You should, however, be prepared in case it is a cash-only dispensary. Most banks are yet to consent to the idea of cannabis legalization (in states), so they do not associate themselves with marijuana dispensaries.

To avoid disappointments, always confirm the method of payment before going to make a purchase. Also, carry extra cash if you are used to buying your cannabis products on the black market. Because there are taxes, the cost may be slightly higher.

Know Your Stuff

Your budtender will give you answers to all the questions you ask. Nonetheless, ensure you carry out the necessary research before buying cannabis products like edibles and oils. Know the strains you want and their effects, as well as the consumption methods of non-smoking marijuana.

If you are a tourist, make sure you have any tools needed to consume.

Understand the Return Policy

Marijuana dispensaries are not your usual retail store or superstore. Do not spend your money on a product you don’t need or know about. It is better to ask before making a purchase. There are a lot of colorful and dazzling products, and you will probably get confused. Try window shopping on your first trip and go back to the dispensary when you have made up your mind.

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