Approximately 85% of legal cannabis consumption is used to treat pain, and there are many different ways of consuming cannabis for its treatment benefits. While some people prefer to inhale or vaporize cannabis, others prefer taking cannabis without smoke in the form of edibles, oils, or pills.

But why do some people prefer taking cannabis via food, oil, or other smokeless applications? Here are some of the most common benefits of taking cannabis without smoke and why many people prefer it.

  1. It’s more discreet. Patients who use cannabis to medicate may worry about smelling like cannabis if they were to smoke. Edibles and oils offer patients a more discreet way to take cannabis medication without revealing that they’re using cannabis. It also makes it easier for patients to take their medication in front of friends or family members without disrupting activities or events.
  2. It lasts longer. Another reason why patients prefer using edibles and oils is that the effects of cannabis tend to be long-lasting for six to eight hours. This is appealing because it allows you to take cannabis a fewer number of times throughout the day to benefit from its effects. It can also be appealing to those suffering from chronic pain who have trouble sleeping or are looking for longer-range pain relief throughout the day.
  3. There’s no discomfort. Patients may prefer to take cannabis without smoke because smoking can be uncomfortable. It may be especially irritating to the lungs in those with lung cancer or asthma. Talk to your doctor about which form of cannabis may be right for you. Cannabis comes in many different forms including pills, edibles, vaporization, oils, drops, topical, or spray. That said, even if edible cannabis isn’t your preferred method of taking cannabis there are other ways you can take it.
  4. You can take fewer trips to the dispensary. Because the effects of smoking cannabis typically wear off within two to three hours, it can be difficult to determine how often you’ll need to take it. For instance, if you experience chronic pain, some days may be worse than others. However, because edibles last between six to eight hours, you can rest assured that you can make fewer trips to the marijuana dispensary. Of course, cannabis delivery services are also available for those who need them.

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