Where are you located?2020-08-23T00:52:55-07:00

We are located just minutes off Highway 101 in Santa Rosa at 2425 Cleveland Ave, Suite #175. We’re on the west side of Cleveland Ave, one block north of Guerneville Road. We are next to Big-5 Sporting Goods and across the street from T.J. Maxx. There is ample free parking provided for your convenience.

Who do we serve?2020-08-23T00:53:49-07:00

We serve both medical cannabis patients and adult recreational use for those over 21 with a valid U.S. ID or foreign-issued passport.

What should I bring with me to Sonoma Patient Group?2020-11-14T07:55:22-08:00

You will need to provide a valid state-issued identification, passport or other approved U.S. or foreign government identification. If you have a valid current physican’s recommendation, and you have a state medical marijuana ID card (MMIC), you will be exempt from the sales tax.

Do I have to pay excise tax along with all other taxes?2020-08-23T00:56:00-07:00

Unlike some dispensaries, the excise tax is already included in the price of our products.

Are appointments necessary?2020-08-23T00:56:33-07:00

Never! We’re open daily from 10 am to 7 pm. Our staff are ready to assist you with friendly and helpful answers to your questions.

Are minors allowed in Sonoma Patient Group?2020-08-23T00:58:09-07:00

No one under 18 years of age is allowed. Registered minor patients 18 and older are allowed into the dispensary with a current valid physician’s recommendation.

Do you offer senior and veteran discounts?2020-11-14T07:52:20-08:00

Yes! We offer 10% off DAILY veterans and wisdom (60+) discounts.

Do you have a rewards program?2020-11-14T07:53:11-08:00

Yes! Customers earn rewards with every visit. For every dollar you spend over $10 – you earn 0.5 points. Earn 100 points and get $10 off your next purchase.

SMS Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy2021-01-21T17:05:51-08:00

If you elect to allow us to send you text (SMS) messages, you should review the following information:

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