Our proposed location in Santa Rosa at 2265 Cleveland Avenue

Our Experience

Established in 2007, Sonoma Patient Group is the longest permitted dispensary in Sonoma County.

We recognized early the importance of dispensing high quality, lab tested, safe medicine to our patients. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is thoroughly trained to ensure the highest standards of care in the Cannabis industry.

Our brand is well known in the Cannabis industry and to customers in the Bay Area. We have worked diligently to develop loyal relationships with our vendors and customers. Sonoma Patient Group, Inc. is a California C Corporation.

After over 10 years of dispensing medicinal Cannabis, Sonoma Patient Group is uniquely situated to sustain and increase our customer base as we expand into the adult recreational market.

Our Future

Sonoma Patient Group is positioning itself to be a destination for Cannabis tourism in Sonoma County and still maintain its roots as a compassionate source of medical Cannabis for our longtime loyal patients.

Having outgrown its current space, Sonoma Patient Group is ready to renovate and move into the 2265 Cleveland Avenue facility. The new location is three times the square footage, which will allow Sonoma Patient Group to accommodate more customers, carry an even larger selection of cannabis products, and provide space for onsite consumption. Onsite consumption allows customers to have sample cannabis “tastings” much like visitors in a wine tasting room.

During the next five years, we plan to continue our success by establishing more dispensaries to increase our vendor and customer base and create economy of scale.

In the next three years, our business plan is to open two new dispensaries in Sonoma County and then regionally expand into Marin and Napa counties. Cottage cafes in industrial areas, combining edible or concentrate manufacturing with retail, are planned for horizontal integration and diversification.

Sonoma Patient Group has the experience and vision essential for expansion and success in the competitive new cannabis industry.

Investment Opportunities

Sonoma Patient Group is offering two investment vehicles; equity and loans. Investors desiring immediate return on investment and liquidity should ask about our remodeling project three year loans. Accredited investors with a longer term view can participate in our equity offering of stock shares. If you are interested in investing in the Sonoma County dispensary industry, please call 707-623-9704 for more information.