Company Origins

Sonoma Patient Group began in 2004, though its origins are much deeper. Born from the Caregiver Compassion Center in Santa Rosa, California, the new Cleveland Avenue location changed its name but kept its focus on helping to educate its patients while providing a community service.

Sonoma Patient Group has always sought to promote the principals of positivity in their community by creating a place that is safe for those in need of healing – a haven for counterculture personalities. For years after a previous dispensary he managed was raided, John Sugg ran the Caregiver Compassion Center out of his own home with Jewel, a friend who shared his compassion and desire for advocacy, service and education. This passion for providing the “gold standard” to their community continues to empower the work they do today, with the dispensary serving as a natural healing center for those in pain.


Initially limited to 500 patients, Sonoma Patient Group embraces the “small is beautiful” mindset. As the dispensary has grown larger, John and Jewel have chosen to continue to value individual attention, care, compassion and education. As long-standing advocates for social and legal change, the team works with patients to pin-point their individual needs and assists them in the understanding and acquisition of the medicine that will help treat and relieve their symptoms.

In the past two years, Sonoma Patient Group has seen phenomenal growth, in part due to policy and regulation reform but also as a result of their digitally-fueled social media outreach campaigns. As we look forward to the end of cannabis prohibition, SPG will continue to position itself for recreational use and brand licensing.

Business History

Sonoma Patient Group’s story is only beginning. As cannabis prohibition ends, they are poised to enter the marketplace as the compassionate, educating option for those who want to heal through natural medicine. With a caring and patient approach to their customers, they set the gold standard for community dispensaries.